Event : Chilean 2015 National Offroad Nitro Championship

Class : Nitro Truggy

Track : Viña RC (Viña del Mar – Chile)

Engine used : GO G5PT .21

Exhaust : GO 2072

Glow Plug : GO T6

Car : Agama A8T 

Tires : Beta RC VMAX Soft Compound

Clutch : Thunder Innovations 4 Shoe – Red 7075 Alu

Fuel : Kosmic Fuel 25%

Classification on A-Main : 2nd

Final Result : 1st Place – National Champion 2015


During November 28th and 29th, 2015 Chilean Nitro Offroad Championship was held on RC Viña Track in Viña del Mar City.   Great attendance from whole country made this event an amazingly competitive race, as a single stage to be crown as National Champion.

Saturday 28th was a full day of practice and 29th from early morning, qualifies and finals.

Race was based on a 3 rounds of 10 minutes qualifies (erasing the worst round), 20 minutes sub and semi finals and A-Main of 45 minutes.

For me, Saturday was half day of practice and half day working and helping other Agama and GO Engines drivers in order for them to take out the maximum performance from their cars and engines.   This is very rewarding as Chilean offroad competition has been growing with new fast drivers coming to the scene.   By the end of practice day, I was very comfortable with my Agama A8T Truggy powered by the new Go Engines G5PT .21 engine.   Clutch was tuned for the track and as usual I was very happy with Thunder Innovations 4 shoe clutch.   I was not the fastest in the track but I was able to make very consistent laps and was confident on the resistance of my components in order to force the car platform to the maximum during Sunday.

On Sunday, qualifiers went pretty smooth, fighting a lot with David Fischmann (Mugen / OS) and Cristian Leiros (Mugen / Nova).   David was clearly the man to beat with amazingly fast lap times.   By the end of qualifiers, I was on 2nd place right behind David, with Cristian on 3rd.   Did some last small changes on setup for the A-Main (45 minutes long) in order to get a more aggressive feeling of my truck.

During A-Main, I made a mistake on second turn and went back to 6th place.   After that, slowly I was able to go up in positions.   By minute 25 I was on 2nd place and about 2 laps behind 1st place who was on a very fast pace and 1st place got 2 engine flameouts so I was able to take 1st position.   By the end of the race, I was able to conquer 1st place and became the new Nitro Truggy National Champion.   Engine and truck performance was amazing, and reliability was on top of the race.

Thanks a lot for your support, as you made this result possible,


Pato Concha




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